Feedback on questions

We are wanting a way to let our students submit feedback on assessments real-time.  What we're hoping for is a button or link on each question that they can click to launch a custom web form.  We can do the button/link and webform but what we don't really know how to do is extract the right data.  We would want to capture the name of the course with their feedback and preferably the question text so they don't have to type or copy/paste that in.

Has anyone found a way to extract this sort of data?  Our LMS uses SCORM, by the way.

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Tana. Is your LMS SCORM 2004 or 1.2? SCORM 2004 will provide more robust reporting features including reporting question text. However, an LMS can expose whatever data they want in reports so what you would need to do is have a discussion with your LMS about what data can be exposed in their reporting.