Feedback on the result slide


In my course will be questions not graded, but like a  survey.  Each question will have 3 choices (a, b, c) of answer. For each choice will be different feedback.  I want to show those feedback on the result slide. 

If person chose "a" for first question, for 2nd - "c", for 3d - "b". So on the result slide he'll see text of feedback connected to  those choices. If he'll choose b, c, a, there will be different feedback.

Can you suggest how to make it? How to change settings of the quiz that person will get feedback on the result slide depending on what choice he did?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Yoko -- Thanks so much for sharing your file, and while I do not have a solution to offer for what you have in mind, hopefully some of your fellow community members will be able to weigh in with some creative solutions for what you need! And, you are also welcome to post over in our Building Better Courses forum here, as well.