Feedback slides and random quiz questions


I need to create a quiz with random questions requiring the user to complete 10 of say 30 questions. The questions will be broken into groups. With some questions, I want to use a blank slide to provide detailed feedback if they get the question wrong. I can of course, branch an incorrect answer to a blank slide. My question is, given the slides are random, where do I branch the feedback slide to? 

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Justin Wilcox
Jayne Fisher

Hi Justin. I haven't tested your reply yet so will get back to you if I have any problems. I will say that I did search for a specific answer to my question and whilst I obviously didn't find one, I learnt heaps of other things.

I have another couple of questions though if that's OK. Firstly, I created a slide master which I applied to the slides. I then created a slightly different master just to break things up. However, when I apply a design, which I believe I apply by selecting the design from the Design menu, it applies to all slides.  How do I apply a design just to the selected  slide?

Secondly, as I am using the same format for the slide masters, I would like to position the question and answers to fit the design so I don't have to manually reposition each time. Again, I positioned the text boxes in slide master view but it always defaults to its original position. Can you please help here?

Many thanks.

Jayne Fisher

Just to add to my previous question, I am having the same problem applying designs to the results slide as I have with the question slides. In other words, the results slide has the same objects as I have on the question slides and if I remove them from the results slide, I remove them from all slides.

Justin Wilcox

Here's how you can use different slide masters in a single quiz:

Unfortunately you can't adjust the text boxes in the slide master to change how text is laid out in your questions. You need to set each question up manually or if you are using the same question type you could simply duplicate the question by right clicking it and selecting "Duplicate Question."