Feedback with transparent master slide

Apr 20, 2012

Help! please...

I am creating a quiz and making the background 100% transparent to allow my master slide to show through behind the quiz when it is inserted into Presenter. All is working well apart from the feedback box. When I play this slide in Presenter I can see my master slide behind the quiz, but my feedback is now transparent and I am not able to read it. Does anyone know how to make the background transparent but still keep the feedback box working as it should and still visible?

Thanks so much - this is driving me crazy!!


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Tracey,

When you went into the Quiz Player Template and set the transparency, what choices did you make? I believe you only want "frame" items to be transparent. Did you maybe include something you shouldn't have? You've probably watched this screenr, but just in case:

Sarah Nickolay Gray

Peter - It is frustrating when something that should be possible in Articulate (like making the background transparent to more seamlessly incorporate the look of the master slides will take a purchase of an unsupported third-party tool to fix.  I need to make this work but unfortunately do not have money in the budget to fix all of the quirks in Articulate.

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