File location - issue with FINISH function

Hi - I am just wondering if file location can affect functionality of FINISH button within Quizmaker?

 When I initially upgraded to '09 I had an issue with the quiz loading (the issue seemed to rectify itself once I renamed all the Engage files so there were no spaces).  However, I have recently relocated / reconfigured filing for all source files related to an Articulate presentation containing not only a quiz but also Engage interactive slides.  All files including the presentation, attachments, quiz file and Engage files now sit in the one folder (previously quiz sat in Articulate Quizmaker folder, Engage in My Articulate Projects under My Documents).  

The quiz loads okay and gets to the PASS, FAIL screens however when I click on the FINISH button, nothing happens.  I have two slides hidden within navigation bar and have set the properties for FINISH on a pass/fail - user should go to one or the other slide for followup instruction.   I would like to retain the filing conventions so was wondering if there is a scripting option which will override the need to have separate folders for the various features if indeed the file location is the cause of my issue. 

Additional notes:  if I take the Engage slides out the presentation, quiz finish seems to work so it may have something to do with the interaction between the Engage and quiz files, now that they sit in one location. 

Before relocating/reconfiguring file location I had developed a presentation with Engage slides and quiz and it works fine, so as last resort could go back to old file locations, however would like to keep everything in the one folder if possible to ensure accessibility to source files for upgrade/revisions.  If there is a workaround I would be grateful to hear about it.   

Any advice would be much appreciated. 


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