Fill-in-the-blank Review list of words

For the fill-in the blank review, the list of words that come up are the ones that you list as possible correct answers for the fill-in-the-blank. This often includes misspellings. Is there some way to allow someone to get the answer correct for certain misspelling, but NOT include all the misspellings in the review list of correct answers that come up on the screen? It makes for a long list that can run off the screen otherwise.



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Brian Batt

Hi Rebecca,

It's not currently possible to only display certain answers.  However, you might try inserting a shape into the slide that covers some of the extra answers.  So, I would put all of the misspellings towards the bottom of the answer list & then insert an image or a shape on top of those answers.   You may need to preview the quiz many times to line it up correctly.