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Jan 15, 2015

Hi. I'm preparing a course on Food  Cost Control and I would like my learners to calculate and fill in their results on a table. For example, costing a standard recipe: I give them ingredients quantity and unit cost and would like them to fill the ingredient cost. Is this possible in articulate? Thanks for the help. Georges

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Georges Fontaine

Thank you, Ashley

I guess I will have to proceed that way. I find a way to make it interresting and involving. I want the learner to calculate, no to choose among answers, its too simple and easy. I want them to get really involved, not just moving the mouse and clicking.

At least, until they write the correct answer, thje classe wont´t advance.

Thanks for the help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Georges,

Do you only have Quizmaker? I know there are some examples of similar calculators in Storyline - but you won't be able to set up the same thing in Quizmaker (hence why I ask). 

You may also want to reach out in the Building Better Courses forum for design assistance on how to set up this question or make it more interactive. 

Georges Fontaine

Hi, Ashley

I’m working with Story line on the free trial. I have 24 days left.

In the trial you don´t get quiz maker but you can access it I guess. I’ll try the numeric variable or the free form. But in the tutorials, the say you may import quizes from excel, but do not say how.

I have thought of your advice. I will set up the table on as many slides I need and they will have to fill the blanks slide after slide. Now I have to learn how to ask for a numeric variable and how to chek for the correct answer. If correct go to next slide if not, try again.
I have a long way to go, but I love the learning. I’m 68 and creating E courses for the Simón Bolívar University in Caracas.
In one of these courses, I ask students to pause the video they get in youtube, and calculate the answer and then to resume de video to chek it: But I have found that the look at the video like a motion picture and do not pause it. Obviously they do not get the learning.
That’s why I’m so interested in articulate.
Even though, I don’t know what I will do once the trial expires since we have exchenge control and cannot get US$.

Thanks a lot for your help, and forgive my bad English since I’m French residing in Venezuela since 1.973.


Georges Fontaine

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Georges, 

Storyline has the same quiz types as Quizmaker, plus a few additional types. :-) 

You can also import from Quizmaker into Storyline what you've already set up, or from an excel chart. Directions on how to import are here. 

In regards to the fill in the blanks or similar, you may want to look at this method to have multiple fill in the blanks on one slide. And here's a discussion on inserting a calculator into Storyline. 

A lot of options you can see - so play around and reach out here for help. In terms of purchasing, you may want to talk with our Sales team about some of our international resellers - not sure who works with Venezuela! 

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