"Finish" button and "Number of Attempts Permitted"

Jun 30, 2011

Hello -

I have a quiz with the desired behavior:

  1. If user passes quiz, user is allowed to move to the next slide.
  2. If user fails quiz, user is allowed to retry the quiz 3 times, "Finish" button should restart quiz upon fail.
  3. Once user has failed 3 times, "Finish" button should allow user to move to the next slide.

I swear, I have tried every combination of Quiz Properties settings, and cannot get this to work.  Is this possible? I would really appreciate some insight into this problem.

Thank you in advance!


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Ron Price

I am not sure if you can do exactly what you are hoping to do . . . If you set the retry Quiz for three times in the properties dialogue box - then the "Retry Quiz" button will appear on the 2 occasions needed - however the "Finish" button will still be present.  If they select "Finish" then whatever  finish action you have programmed will take place.  You could program that button to advance to a slide just before the Quiz which would set them up to retake it. . .  however the number of they hit the finish on a fail could not be limited then.

I would imagine that someone out there has some work-around that may work for you.

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