Finish button not working

Hi all,

I prepared a quizz included in a presentation as last slide.

I set option When user passes, 'Finish' button = goes to Previous Slide. But the but finish button is not working, after clicking nothing happens.

The backward button on the player works, so the can go backwards to my last slide, anyway I think the button should work otherwise it would be better to avoid showing the finish button at all.


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Silvia Vantusso

Hi Jay,

I do not remember exactly what it was... anyway I had a similar problem recently.

See post:

I found out that there are a lot of conditions to consider. In this last case I uploaded my quiz in moodle 1.9 with parameter "opening in same window" and I discovered a lot:

1. If the user uses Firefox it gives problems due to security restrictions (see:

2. If users use IE 10 there are problems and it is better if you use Compatibiliy view (anyway there is an update  to track it correctly using IE 10.

I hope it helps a little bit.


Eve Alexander

Same problem here. We have two courses where the final quiz finish button doesn't work and the courses do not mark as completed. These are complicated courses with branching. Working on them and testing them is super time consuming. Two weeks of trying everything I can think of and these courses are not working. Please help me!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eve, 

I saw you also posted in this thread, where I shared some ideas - you mentioned submitting a case as well, and it looks like it came into our team earlier today so they'll be in touch shortly. I'll include a link to this thread so that they're aware you're searching for help here as well.