Flash Version Works But Not HTML5 Version


I've created a 15 question quiz and noticed that the HTML5 version of the quiz will not proceed past the 5th question. It works perfectly in the FLASH version, but not in the HTML5 version. Oddly, it works fine in the iPad (with the exception of the drag and drop question).

I've tried creating a new quiz and importing the questions from the other quiz, but that yielded the same results.

We tried it in the latest versions of IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

The quiz can be viewed here: http://www.mayaco.com/sjmosquito/quiz_html5.html

Has anyone come across this with the HTML5 version of Quizmaker '13 (Update 5)?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Albert,

Thanks for sharing the link here - and I also tested it in Chrome and saw the same behavior as you mentioned for the HTML5 version. It's just a blank page after question 5. Can you share the .quiz file here so that we can take a look at how that slide is set up?

Also just as a reminder, HTML5 content is not supported in all browsers. You can see the browsers that are supported here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Albert - I took a look at that and republished it for web here.  (That's the html5 output). I saw the same thing, but if I just clicked to refresh the page - it reloaded and the content continued normally and I was able to progress to the end of the course. I deleted that problematic slide, and then republished - and everything worked normally. So I'd look at rebuilding that slide, and ensure you're working with local project files as described here. 

Albert Frausto

Thanks for looking into this. I've found the solution to my problem and possibly a bug at the same time. In slide #5 I used the Picture Tools to flip the mosquito image horizontally. To fix the problem, I applied the Reset Picture & Size to the mosquito image and then I resized it to fit within the slide, I then published it and it worked! The mosquito image is a .jpg about 1.8 Mb. See if you are able to reproduce the same results.

I did come across another issue with slide #6. Again, this only occurs in the HTML5 version using Chrome. Please visit the same URL above and work your way to question #6. When you select the correct answer (C) and then select option (A) or (B) you'll notice that the image for answer (C) disappears and is no longer available to be selected. Are you able to reproduce this behavior on your end? 

Thanks again for all your help with this.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Albert,

I didn't have any difficulty with the image on slide 5 - it was slide 6 that wasn't showing up for me. I looked at using the "reset picture" functionality and nothing occurred - so I can't see that it was rotated in your file. I also did look to see if there were any reported bug/problems with rotate images in Quizmaker and I didn't see any - so again I'd look at rebuilding the problematic slides as it could be a file corruption issue, but those are difficult to pin down.

I do see the same behavior as you mentioned with Quiz 6 and the image disappearing, but since that is the problematic slide in terms of loading to begin with, as I mentioned I'd look at rebuilding it to see if you can element that odd behavior. I see nothing off with the image itself so that would be the best course of action. 

Please let me know if you need anything else.