Fonts in quiz responses are changing and I didn't do it

I am editing a quiz that was translated. Somehow one of the questions, which is multiple choice with multiple correct answers, ended up with extra response rows. In other words, there are supposed to be four responses, two of which are correct and should be checked by the learner. But the import added two blank response lines with checkboxes, so when the learner takes the quiz, there are two blank rows and it's confusing.

I went in to edit the responses and cut and pasted the translated ones into the blank rows and then deleted the extra rows. But now the fonts are all messed. Initially the translated text was in red. But the three rows that I pasted are now black, and one of them is noticeably smaller.

How did this happen?
How do I prevent it next time?
How do I fix it now?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christopher,

Could there have been extra spaces or rows included as a part of the translation document that extended the question answers?

Without seeing the file(s) it's difficult to say, but you'll also want to confirm that you're working on local project files. If you'd like to share the .quiz file here I'm happy to take a look.