Forcing a workflow using a Quiz

May 31, 2011

Hello everyone. Here is my questions. We have an e-learning program we are trying to implement which has few modules

1. Overall Pre-Quiz

2. Module 1 with Module 1 Quiz

3, Module 2 with Module 2 Quiz

4. Overall Post Quiz

We want to enforce the workflow so the user when they login have to complete Pre-Quiz before they can start Module 1. After completing Module 1, they take Module 1 Quiz. Then Module 2 and Module 2 Quiz. Finally after completing the pre-quiz and both the modules, can they attempt Post Quiz. How do we accomplish that? Please help


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Phil Mayor

Hi Kartik

This really is an element of your LMS, and sequencing/prereqiusites are not available in all LMS's

If your LMS wont do this, you could create a workarround.

At the end of the pretest give your user a code, this then needs to be inputted into a fill in the blank question at the start of next module and without this they cannot go any further


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