Formatting of answers in Quizmaker

Hi all,

I am creating a basic multiple choice quiz with four answers in Quizmaker.  When I shuffle my answers in Quizmaker, the answers do not space out properly especially if the answers are long.  It looks messy and unprofessional.  Am I missing a setting somewhere?  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Leanne, welcome to Heroes!

In order for the questions to display as expected, it's recommended that you provide ample space between the answer choices to ensure all will display on its own space regardless of their position when shuffled. You can use Slide View to make these edits. Let us know if that doesn't help, and we'd be happy to take a closer look at your files. Thanks!

Leanne Gee

Hi, Peter & David,

Thanks for your replies! It turns out that the formatting issues were caused by the default text size of the computer that was being used to publish. We originally had the text size set to 125% and when we changed that to 100% the quiz published fine.

For anyone else who may be having this issue -- here is where you can find these settings in Control Panel for Windows 7:

Peter Anderson

Hi Kate, 

Can you confirm that you're working from your local drive, rather than from a network or USB drive? You may also want to try a quick repair of your Studio software to see if that resolves it. Beyond that, we'd really need to see the file to know exactly what the issue may be. Our case submission process is kept totally confidential, and we're able to sign non-disclosure agreements if necessary. I hope we can help

Judy Nollet

FYI: In my experience, it really helps if all the responses use the same number of lines and then are distributed vertically. I sometimes adjust the font size just to achieve the correct length. (Of course, it's also good from an ID/question-validity standpoint to have the alts be approximately the same length.)

Also, I've noticed that Quizmaker sometimes adds an extra line to an alt, even though there's no text showing on the line and there's no return at the end. This means the response doesn't line up nicely with the radio/checkbox button. It can be fixed either by adjusting the text size or changing the size of the actual text box--but it's a pain that one has to do this sort of workaround. (If there's not enough text to go onto a 2nd line, then Quizmaker shouldn't need to add a 2nd line...)

Belen Casado

This also happens in Storyline with quizzes.

I think it'd be great that Quizmaker or Storyline could organize answers so this doesn't happen.

Otherwise, you'll have to change manually as many questions as you quiz has. It's a good idea to create all answers the same lenght, but if answers are given by the customer, then another solution is needed.