Formatting of feedback

Nov 06, 2013

My feedback is popping up in microscopic font.  Both my Feedback master and the feedback layer claim they are 11.5 font size, but the box is 4 1/4"x1 1/2".  That text box has 60 words in it. On five lines.  How do I control the font size?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alison, 

You'll want to make sure that within the feedback master and the layers, that the text box is not set to "shrink text on overflow."  Additionally, if this was a quiz created in Quizmaker 09 that you've upgraded, we don't automatically add the scrolling panel for large feedback, so you can follow the directions here to create one for those feedback layers with longer text. 

Alison L Coops

This was a quiz made in '09.  I really don't want scrolling panels on the feedback.  I don't think many people would bother to scroll through a tiny panel on a large slide.  What I did for these is moved "Correct" or "Incorrect" and "Continue" out of the box and expanded the text box to use all of the gray box.  Why don't you allow the box itself to be enlarged?

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