Graded Questions in Quizmaker

Feb 07, 2018

Hello, I am fairly new to Quizmaker and Articulate. I am creating an assessment in Quizmaker and would like to use the graded question. Is it possible to have three different result options, like Grade Pass, Okay, Fail? Or does it have to be Pass/Fail only?

thanks in advance.

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Mumtaz Badshah Brown

Thanks, Alyssa. We are trying to create an assessment as a way to customize course options for our learners. We are trying to identify the following:

folks who have a solid understanding of a topic and need no further learning, 

folks who have some understanding of a topic, but could use refreshers, and

folks who have no understanding of a topic, and need a comprehensive course. 

I hope that makes sense. Thank you. 

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