Graded quiz: Replace "submit" with next and previous

I am making a quiz for our staff with Articulate Studio 9, mainly multiple choice questions. The users receive feedback per answer, educating them on the reasons why an answer is correct or incorrect. I give them an unlimited number of tries to get it right. If they choose an incorrect answer and hit “submit”, then they will receive the feedback and have the chance to try again. If they choose the correct answer, they are shown the feedback and they are then taken to the next slide. This means, that if they chose the correct answer first then they will not see the feedback for the incorrect answers. I would like them to have the opportunity to explore all answers before moving on.

Can I somehow choose manual progression, so they have the chance to explore all the different answers and see all the feedback before moving on? Or should I ditch the graded questions and choose an entirely different way to do this?

Thank you beforehand.

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Adrian Dean

Hi Hanne,

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to force the user to view all the answers before moving onto the next slide in Quizmaker at this time, especially when only one answer is correct. It would make a nice feature request though.

However, you could create separate slides after each question that presents the feedback there.