Grayed out Questions - no access


We have a couple of individuals who get a grayed out question when they go into a quiz.  Works fine on the authoring computer and two other computers in our office but not on their computers.   Not working in Chrome, Edge or Safari on different devices for one of them.  Does work in Firefox. (see screenshots)

Not limited to browser type, device, clearing caches, browser history or even user accounts. 

Previously accessed last year by one without issue, but problems encountered this year.  Have tried republishing but problem persists for them.

Could it be a resolution issue?   The worry is that some students will encounter the same issue depending one the device used, whilst others won't have any problems.  As the author, I don't experience any issues when I go into it so it is difficult to advise of how to rectify.  Please help - working on a tight deadline as we can't go live until it's fixed.

Have also raised with the support engineers and uploaded file package for them to investigate but wondered if i might get a swifter response here!  Thanks.


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Ali Goulet

Hey Michaela,

Submitting a case was the perfect move! It's been escalated and one of our Support Engineers will reach out to you soon to help investigate this with you.

To make sure they have all the information they need for testing, I do have an addition question for you: 

  • Where are your learners accessing the course from? Is it on a learning management system or website?

Let me know and I'll relay that info right to your case! 😊

Michaela Cheetham

Hi Ali,

They access it via Articulate Online.  We also have a launch button on our website but that isn't the issue as those experiencing the issue are going in through their articulate accounts.

Their also now seems to be an issue with some animation not transferring in the republished version.

Now thinking I might have to start from scratch! :-(  Any suggestions?