Help! How to align checkmarks with question in Quizmaker 13!!!!

When I enter a question that is more than one line, the checkbox floats in the center of the question instead of at the top left. I tried using Align Text / More Options and setting the top internal margin at 35 or so to bring it even with the top of the question, but, while it works on some questions, it does not on others. And, in preview, what I saw in edit is not what I see in Preview. I've tried doing it on the Slide Master with no success.  Any ideas?  Thanks!!!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Catherine,

I took a peek into your file, and I did not observe any misalignment with your Quizmaker quiz questions in edit mode, preview mode, or in the published output here

You might be seeing misalignment due to your DPI settings. Here's how to switch to 96 DPI

In regards to the submit button, the size is standard within the player and cannot be changed. However, you are welcome to submit this as a feature request here.

Catherine Rivard

Thanks for your fast response. I don't have Storyline, which is what I see referenced when I go to the DPI site you sent. I don't know if I made clear what I mean by "alignment."  Here's what I see, above.  The checkbox should be level with the word "The" and not be in the middle of the text.  Is this what you mean too?



Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sending the screenshot - now I understand what you mean. The radio button is aligned to the center of the answer choice by design, but you can change that by adjusting the internal margins. If you don't have luck with that method, you could always align the radio button to the top of a new textbox. Both of those methods are explained in this video. I hope this helps!