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Nov 01, 2011

Hello everyone, I've tried and tried but I can't seem to figure it out, please help me with these two questions:

1.  Free navigation in the course (ok this is maybe a Presenter topic) until the learner enters the Quiz, then he is 'locked' into the Quiz - not able to leave until he finishes, but free navigation within the Quiz until he finishes.  I currently have the navigation set to 'Restricted - Can only view current and prev slides' in the player template.  I have the Quiz properties set to 'User may view slides after Quiz: at any time' but this still prevents someone from going back to change an answer they thought was incorrect before finishing the quiz.  When you try to go back to a previous question the warning box pops up saying 'You must complete the quiz in order to continue'.  Is there a way to enable 'free navigation' within the Quiz?

2.  Next question is about changing the color on the Quiz background, what I'm referring to is not any of the border colors or outlines but the middle slide color as in the picture:

Please tell me where I can change that silvery-gray color?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi David!

Question 1:

If you want people to be able to move freely among the quiz questions before submitting their answers, you can open your quiz in Quizmaker and edit the quiz player template so that users are able to "Submit all answers at once." (Rather than submit one at a time.)  Here's a tutorial that shows how: Choosing How Learners Navigate Your Quiz

Once you change the navigation method on your quiz, users will have a Previous & Next button in the lower-right corner of each slide, so they can back up and move forward whenever they want. Or they can also use the quiz nav panel in the upper-left to jump to some other question in the quiz. When they're done with everything, they can hit the Submit All button in the lower-left corner.

You mentioned people are sometimes seeing a message that says "you must complete the quiz in order to continue." That would appear if users try to hit the Presenter player's forward button before they've finished the quiz. It sounds like maybe they're confused about the player controls - i.e., they're trying to use the course's forward button (on the Presenter player) to move on, rather than using the navigation controls within the quiz itself to move to the next question. It might help to switch your course to Slide Only view mode on the slide where you've inserted the quiz, so that the Presenter player controls don't appear during the quiz at all. You can do this by opening your course in PowerPoint and, on the Articulate menu, choose Slide Properties. Find the quiz slide and in the View Moe column, change the view to Slide Only. Then change the following slide to Standard View (or whatever you use for your other content slides). That way learners would know that they need to use the quiz player controls (not the controls on the course player itself) to move through the quiz.

Question 2:

Here's a screencast that shows how to change the color of the quiz slide background.

Hope that helps!

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