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Brian Batt

Hi Tom & welcome to Heroes,

If you would like the end user to print a certificate from an Articulate Quizmaker quiz, please see: 


This method is not supported by Articulate.

In regards to emailing results, please see the link below:


See the "Allow user to email results to" section.

Tom Seguin

Thanks Brian, this is great.  I have a question for you - or anyone else for that matter.  Here is the situation - The people I'm helping with this matter do not have a LMS - no budget for AO and are running servers that do not allow PHP.  The participants for the training do not necessarily have access to email and the email client of choice for those wo do have it within the organization is Lotus Notes which prevents the email results to work. 

We are trying to determine the best way for the training administrator to obtain the final results of the quiz.  We thought of having participants print their certificate of completion and send it in.  Anty other ideas?

Thanks again - you guys are always so quick at responding.  The links you have sent will help alot.