hiding blank slides during QUIZ, but viewing during REVIEW

Apr 16, 2012

I've been unable to find the answer to this question in the tutorials or community so I post it here:

I have a 10 question multiple choice quiz.  These questions require math calculations.  I have a total of 20 slides in my file, 10 slides with one question each, and 10 'blank' slides with the step by step procedure for getting the correct answer.

I wish my students to only be able to view the 10 question slides as they take the quiz (answer all 10, then submit the quiz) but I want them to be able to see the 'step by step answer' slides when they review the quiz results.  I tried using the branching feedback with slides arranged question #1, answer #1, question #2, answer #2, etc with branching on each question slide pointing to the next question.  However when I previewed the quiz, it would show the answer slide after each question anyways.  HELP.

- Dustin

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Dustin Simonson

Thanks to Justin and Rebecca for your quick replies.  This seems like a reasonably basic functionality.  Essentially just need a checkbox that tells the application not to show any zero point slides (or blank slides) during a quiz, but still keep them available when doing a post quiz review.  Any plans to add this to a future release?

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