Hiding slides if possible

So, I created 3 blank slides in my quiz that I don't want viewed at all, except for through the branching from when someone answers the questions incorrectly. In Presenter it is possible to hide slides, but I can't find any way  to do that on Quizmaker. Is that option just not available at all on Quizmaker? How do I make it so they don't show in my navigation list and how do I make it so the quiz takers won't see the slides as they go through the quiz except for when they answer the question wrong?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Christina,

Right now there isn't a way to exclude blank slides from showing up in the dropdown list on the navigation panel.  That would make a great feature request. Sometimes what course developers do is leave the title field on the blank slide blank, so that no text shows up in the dropdown navigation list for the blank slide - essentially it'll just be an empty line in the list instead. (However, learners can still click on that blank line and jump to the blank slide, which you might not want).

Here's a different idea: if you don't need to allow learners to jump to different slides via the nav panel, you can disable the dropdown without disabling the actual "Question x of n"... here's how:  In Quizmaker, go to Player Templates > Edit and select the Layout tab on the left. Then unmark the box that says "display question list navigation panel." As long as the "Question numbering style" is set to something other than "no numbering," you'll still get the question number info on the upper left for question slides.

So, with those settings, the question numbering doesn't appear for blank slides, but it does appear for question slides, like in the following screenshots: