Hotspot (non-graded) issue


I have an image which I want to be able to use as a learning aid (an image of a railway track).

I have set up my hotspots accordingly, but the user has to submit each answer to receive feedback, which is quite a time consuming process for a simple activity.

What I would ideally like is that when the user clicks on a hotspot, and the black/white icon appears, that a text box appears next to it to identify it (it's usually a one-word prompt). 

Does anyone know if this is possible? Perhaps using a different question type if not using hotspot?


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Robert Lengacher

Lindsey, Is this supposed to be a knowledge check (where the user is expected to get it right) or an interactive reference?

Check out this tutorial by Jeanette Brooks that explains various ways to use them on normal, non-quizzing slides.

Robert Lengacher

Hi, Lindsey, I guess I should have paid attention to the large "Articulate Quizmaker" reference in the breadcrumb trail above your post.

Here's a video for the older version of Articulate Studio, but it still might apply to Articulate Studio '13, which includes Presenter.