Hotspot (non-graded) issue

Jun 26, 2014


I have an image which I want to be able to use as a learning aid (an image of a railway track).

I have set up my hotspots accordingly, but the user has to submit each answer to receive feedback, which is quite a time consuming process for a simple activity.

What I would ideally like is that when the user clicks on a hotspot, and the black/white icon appears, that a text box appears next to it to identify it (it's usually a one-word prompt). 

Does anyone know if this is possible? Perhaps using a different question type if not using hotspot?


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Robert Lengacher

Hi, Lindsey, I guess I should have paid attention to the large "Articulate Quizmaker" reference in the breadcrumb trail above your post.

Here's a video for the older version of Articulate Studio, but it still might apply to Articulate Studio '13, which includes Presenter.

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