Hotspot questions and Feedback

Hi everyone. I am stumped and need some guidance.

I have made the move to exclusively Quizmaker learning programs (at least till I get storyline).

Currently I am developing a software simulation training that uses many many hotspot questions ( the system the users are going to use is touch screen ). When I first created I made the quiz properties submit all at once. That was not effective because the learner didn't know if they had done anything wrong. So I changed it to submit one at a time. I also want there to be feedback and the user to have 3 opportunities to get the answer correct. I made all the needed changes to the Quiz Properties and Template. But it no workie...

How do I change the number of times a person can answer and the feedback on a HotSpot question...

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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Zara! What's not working? What kind of behavior are you getting?

One issue might be if you are using branching and blank slides for your feedback. Unfortunately, if you intend to give multiple tries on the same question, the feedback needs to be communicated via the Feedback popup, rather than via a blank slide. If you set up a question to give multiple retries, the user will need to stay on that question (i.e., not branch away from it) in order to try the question more than once. Think that might be what's going on?