How do answers from a previous attempt display?

Can someone help me with the following:

A user takes a Quizmaker test that is inserted as a slide. They fail it and retry the quiz. Quiz review is disabled so they don't see the correct answers. 

What happens with the previous answers when they take the failed  quiz again? Are all of their original answers there to start with or does the quiz start over fresh?

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Natalia Mueller

Thank you for that info. Now that I went back and read my question again, your answer makes perfect sense.

However, I was actually asking about the end user's point of view. When they take the test and fail, what do THEY see when they retry it? Are their first round of answers still there and they have to figure out which they got wrong and change them? Or when they retry the quiz does it start the quiz over with no answers selected?

Sorry for the confusion. I definitely wrote the question wrong.