How do I change the quiz player size

I currently have several quizzes on my website that are in iframes. Currently the width is 750. I'm going to a new layout for the site and the content column where the frame appears is now only going to allow for 450.

Does anyone know how to change quizmaker so that it fits into this size, without having it all squished up and needing to use a left-right scroll bar?

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Community Team

You can embed a quiz into a web page by using the method below:

  1. Save the attached file to your local drive. 

  2. Unzip the file and place the index.html page at the root level of your published output (the folder that contains quiz.swf)

  3. Double click the index.html. 

This will launch your quiz in its own web page.

You can modify the index.html page to include other page elements as well. The important thing to note is that you need to include everything in the output folder online. You can not point to quiz.swf and have the interaction launch correctly if the quiz_content folder is not included in the directory that contains quiz.swf.

In the attached file, you'll need to change both instances of the width/height:

If you have issues keeping the file proportional, use the calculator from this site:

Graphic Proportion Calculator - ShaBang Exhibits