How do I remove the 'Previous Button' and 'Finish Button'?


Is it possible to remove the 'Previous Button' on the intro slide on my quiz? The quiz is embedded on a web page, so the button has no function - and nothing happens if you click it. I have the same issue on my result slide. Here I would like to remove the 'Finish Button' .
I can find the buttons in 'Player Properties' - or at least the text labels - but I don't know how to remove the buttons from the player.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steffen!

The navigation control buttons are included by default and unfortunately, cannot be removed. Please see this information on Choosing Player Features. If you have the Quiz set up to Submit all at once, you will see these buttons. You can change the quiz to submit one at a time if you'd like.

Removing the Finish button from a quiz result slide isn't currently supported. However, you can turn off the result slide, which effectively removes the Finish button. See this tutorial to learn how to turn off the result slide.
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