How do you set a Pick many quiz to evaluate correctness from a bank of answers selected from the same slide?


I have a pick many quiz set up with 10 correct answer options based on the selected state of 10 off-stage shapes. The problem I'm having is that the learner only needs to pick ANY 5 answers to submit the question. The 'correct' response is generated if all the 5 options they pick are right. But if they chose any incorrect options amongst their 5 answers, the whole question is marked as incorrect. That's how I need it to be. But right now the question is consistently coming up as incorrect because the learner isn't picking all 10 correct answer options. How do I make it so the pick many will not penalise the learner with an 'incorrect' for the answers they have not selected, even though the five they chose to answer are correct.

If there isn't a way to do this, could you perhaps suggest a better way to achieve this quiz interaction?

Thank you in anticipation!

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