How to change the Finish button finctionality in Articulate Quiz Maker 13

The Finish button is displayed on both the failed and success slide.

On the success results slide the Finish button take the users to the next slide in the presentation rather than closing the browser. Can this button be changed/used to close the window?

On the Failed results page of the Quiz the Finish button takes the user back to review the Quiz rather than to the end of the presentation or to the next slide in the presentation. How can this button be changed to take the users out of the quiz and to the last/next slide in the presentation or can it be removed so that the only option is to retry the Quiz.

If this functionlaity can't be changed how do you recomend modifying or relabelling this field so it makes sense on the failed results page.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Alison -- You may want to check out this information on when the Finish Button Doesn't Close the Browser Window, and let us know if that will work for what you have in mind. 

I also wanted to note, removing the Finish button from a quiz result slide isn't currently supported. However, you can turn off the result slide, which effectively removes the Finish button. See this tutorial to learn how to turn off the result slide.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas, so if you would like to submit a feature request to our product development team, please use this request form.

Cathy Lewis

My courses run with restricted navigation, forcing the learner to progress sequentially for first view.  I wanted them, thereafter, to have unrestricted navigation - either to review to retry quiz, or to come back at any later date, even if they passed the quiz.  I set the quiz to take the learner back to a second slide I created with hyperlinks for the agenda topics (skipped over for the first view round) - giving learners 3 ways to navigate (agenda w hyperlinks, menu on left and NEXT button).  On the results slide, I gave instructions to review before retaking the quiz.  After they review they come back to the failed results slide and can press RETRY QUIZ to retake - I think it will work - but it was complicated to figure out.  If my aims are understandable and someone else has a better idea, I'm open.