How to change the size of the option buttons

Can I make these option buttons any bigger? (see attached) There was a previous thread about customizing quizzes that referenced quiz templates, but I found nothing helpful about option buttons. On the attached PNG, the option buttons are so tiny compared to the text next to it. I would like the buttons to be at least the size of the lowercase letters. Is this possible in Quizmaker?

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Kendra Kernen

One additional question related to option buttons, if you don't mind. Is there a way to align the button with the first line of the answer instead of aligning vertically in the middle? Sometimes my answers are three or four lines long and I feel the option button looks lost when it floats down around the middle of the paragraph instead at the top/beginning of the paragraph. Thank you.

Emily Ruby

Hello Kendra,

I am not aware of a way to change the alignment of the button without adding space to your text. That would make the text boxes larger though. You could also add the text in a text box separately, in slide view, and leave Form view blank, and then just align that text box to the buttons as needed.

Kendra Kernen

Thanks for the quick response, Emily. It's a small point but I thought I would ask. What you suggested is a good alternative in lieu of a feature that allows top alignment of the option button. Aesthetically, having short answer choices is ideal, but our SMEs sometimes write lengthy questions and/or answers that fill up the entire slide. In these instances, I feel that having the button aligned at the top makes it more evident where to click for the desired answer, so I'm sure I'll be using your solution in the future. Thanks for your help!

Kendra Kernen

Just a note to anyone else reading this: When you increase the size of the option buttons, the text doesn't move over accordingly, so you have to add extra spaces in front of each line of text to avoid it being mashed up against the larger button. I suppose that formatting the buttons before adding text would have prevented this problem, but I didn't know about resizing the buttons before I had all my text in. Oh well. Hope this helps someone else though!