How to hide the "FINISH" button upon failing?

For my courses the quiz is not the final screen whith provides the leaner credit in our system.  I have a few additional slides (attestation) at the end of my course.

So when the learner fails the quiz, I don't want the window to close.  They already have the option to "Retry Quiz" and so I wonder if there is a way to hide the "FINISH" button since it doesn't seem to be needed at all at for my scenario.

Thank you.

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David Celaya

I thought there was an option to turn it off. Maybe not. I might be thinking of what you can have that button do (close window, go to slide, etc.)

On a side note... we found out the hard way that our courses would not score properly, and give correct completed/passed status in our LMS unless the quiz was the last thing in the course. If there was anything after the quiz, our LMS locked on In Progress. Tried dozens of other combinations in the quizmaker and presenter, but for us moving the quiz to the end was the only thing that worked. GL!

Jennifer Sarracino

Well I had it set to Upon Failing, the FINISH button would take them back to the beginning of the quiz, but one person said she clicked on the "finish" button and it took her back to the beginning of the quiz and when she hit next, it took her back to her Scoring Page which is why I thought if I could hide that button since there is already a "Retry Quiz" button.

David - I do have a few slides after the quiz and then another one question quiz which is what LMS uses as the score to give them credit in our system. 

Jeanette Brooks

Hello all! While this might not suit your needs, you could always rename the Finish button to something else that your learners would find more intuitive (such as "Continue with the course"). To do this, you can customize your quiz player template by modifying your text labels. The item you'd want to modify is #46 in the list of text labels. 

Another option that some folks have used (although it's not supported by Articulate), is the workaround Dave Moxon shares in this blog post regarding hiding the Finish button.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer, 

Sorry for not clarifying, you can only change the behavior, removing the Finish button from a quiz result slide isn't currently supported.

However, you can turn off the result slide, which effectively removes the Finish button. There seems to be method in this thread to actually hide the finish button, but that would not be supported by Articulate.

Jennifer Herron

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your quick reply. I thought that might be the case. I need to include the results slide so I just added text, "Ensure you pass the quiz before you click Finish or you will not receive credit for taking this course." on the failure layer (we report pass/incomplete).

I thought about using the custom swf by Dave Moxon to hide the button, but it was developed for '09, so I guess I will just stick with my text statement for now. I think users would appreciate the option to disable that button so perhaps keep it in mind for future updates.