How to show correct answers after 3 tries

Jun 26, 2015

My matching drag-and-drop quiz is more a review/game for our students. I have to choose Graded Question to create this quiz, even though we don't care what the final scores are; they may advance through the course whether they pass or not. We give them unlimited tries on all our review quizzes.

However, at any point, say if I give them only three tries, is there a way to snap the correct matches and choices together to show the correct answers??? There's no feedback other than "You're correct" or "You're incorrect" or "Try again," which would be maddening after a few attempts. I can't figure how to show them which matches are correct and which ones are incorrect if they try more than once. 

With six choices/matches, I don't even know the math for how many variations that would be if there's no way to indicate which ones are correct.

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