How to uninstall trial version of Quizmaker 13

I use Studio 09 to make minor corrections to older courses and have been doing so for about a year. Suddenly this week, whenever I click on the "Edit in Quizmaker" button from a slide in ppt/Presenter, it launches a trial version of Quizmaker 13 instead of Quizmaker 09. I can open the quizzes directly in Quizmaker 09 and edit there but not from Presenter which is a problem. How can I get rid of the trial version?

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Dory Kraft

Thanks for the quick response Leslie. I never installed Studio '13, and it doesn't even show as a program that's on my machine. The only Studio it shows I have on my machine is 09. But somehow it launches the trial version of Quizmaker 13 from Presenter 09 as I mentioned in my post. It looks like I will have to work with your support engineers.