hyperlink to a txt file in Quizmaker


I would like to know if, in Quizmaker, it is possible to make an hyperlink (for example, in a word of the title of the question) to a txt file.

I tried to do so :

- I create my question

- I select the text and click on "Insert hyperlink"

- In this window, in the field "address", I type "mydoc.txt"

- I publish the quiz (CD or web version)

- I put the file mydoc.txt at the root of the module

But it doesn't work.

I hope it's clear.

Thank you for your help.

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Ron Price


Is this Quiz part of a presenter course or stand alone.  I know that if it is part of presenter course, then you can add your text document as an Attachment in Presenter.  Then in Quizmaker, make your hyperlink path  "data/downloads/nameofdoc" and the hyperlink will download the document.  "Nameofdoc" should actually be the name of the document.  For example, in your scenario, your link would be data/downloads/mydoc.txt

Need to add it as an attachment in presenter for this to work.

Hope this helps

Julie Frappier


I've tried to do so following Ron's advice, however it won't seem to work.

I've added this word document named ''Assurance de la responsabilité civile Chapitre 1 Garantie A_2.5.2" as an attachment in presenter.

Then in Quizmaker, I added   data/downloads/''Assurance de la responsabilité civile Chapitre 1 Garantie A_2.5.2 in the address field of the Hyperkink Edit box.

This is what I see when I publish and try out the link.

Ron Price

Hey Julie,

Sorry for the troubles . . . I would suggest a couple of things . . .

First - I would shorten the file name of your attachment - that's an amazing amount of characters.

Also make sure you are not including the quotation marks. . . . I am assuming that was just in the post, but you do not really want to use anything other than alpha numeric characters in your files names.

However, the issue is probably in the spaces in your file name.  I would stay away from using spaces in naming these files, because those will all replaced with  "20%", which can be problematic.

So, try renaming your attachment - much shorter, no spaces, no quotations or other characters and give it another whirl.

Hope that helps

Phil Mayor

It also looks like you are trying to test locally, and hyperlinks dont really work well locally.

I also wonder if you are previewing the quiz in quizmaker or in ppt, in quizmaker it will not load the player and therefore the attached documents will not be in the correct place to link to.

I would also try to avoid linking to office documents and use a pdf if possible because IE can throw errors using office documents