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Peter Anderson

Hey Jason, welcome to Heroes!

You can do both, but not with one click. You'll want to enable the user to send email results on the Pass/Fail Result Slides, as well as select Close browser window under the Finish Action setting. Then, when finishing the quiz, the user can email the results first, then clicking Finish will close the browser window. 

Jason  Chickosis


I found a work around my issue. I didn't want to have the test results emailed to me becaue I just needed to know if they passed. Plus the way the data is presented in the email looks so cluttered. At the end of the quiz when the user passes, I created a hyperlink button that autogenerates a email with places to put their name and work ID number. Then they can send the email (without the cluttered data) and I direct the quiz to finish and close as Peter Anderson suggested to close the quiz with the 'finish' button. Thanks for the insight with other workarounds.