Ideas: Using All Images in QM for Limited English Learners

Mar 20, 2012

There are a lot of great Quizmaker (QM) ideas in the Forums, but I have very limited time to do searches on keywords this week.

I'd like anyone's ideas for QM assessments where we'd use voice overs and all images in the quizzes (very little on screen text).

The learners speak Spanish as their native language and can speak and work their jobs in English. But, their reading and writing skills in both languages may be little to none.

We wanted to do a Drag-n-Drop with images in both the Choice fields and the Match fields, but QM doesn't support that currently.

The quiz idea is to have photos of construction job-related injuries on one side, and on the other side photos of safety equipment that would prevent that injury. The learners would listen to the VO instructions, and then would drag the equipment photo over to the injury photo it would have prevented.

We can't afford to spend money on purchasing any widgets. We have to use PPT and Studio '09.

So, which QM graded quiz would you use?

(I'm thinking of the Hotspot, with the various photos of the equipment on screen. The VO would say something related to the injury "You got a nail in your eye", and the learner would click on the hotspot for Safety Glasses.)

Thank you!

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