Images in feedback

I have a small problem with using pictures in feedback.

On the website I saw a tutorial about that. I used a blank slide and wrote my feedback in it. Then i used branching from the original question to the feedback slide. This works all well, but it finishes the quiz when the question is answered. I wonder what I need to put in branching of this blank slide, so it doesn"t finish the quiz, but that it goes to a random new question (we want to use "Randomize Group" to randomize questions).

Thanks for help.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Tatyana!

There is a known issue if the ending unexpectedly (cut short) if all the following criteria are true: 

* The quiz includes a blank slide. 
* The blank slide is set to branch to a specific slide in the quiz. 
* The question group that contains the blank slide is set to Randomize Group. 
* The blank slide is locked “To Question Below”. 

If your course meets those conditions, please review this article for more information. Otherwise, we'd be happy to take a look at your .quiz file to see what's going on. Thanks!