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Apr 02, 2015

can some one explain why quizmaker renames an image when it publishes.  I name an image portal.png when it publishes it names it 6Mfrc0ZwFZf_DX470_DY470_CX201_CY235. can I change the names back?


Also if I place a web object in the quiz, it names the image a crazy name with all sorts of characters that will not work with sharepoint. 

62q7aNI7oXa5kTkqpaZ4l4{Width=896, Height=644}Light_DX1792_DY1792_CX896_CY644


Please help I need to be able to show this course to management. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric, 

Thanks for the additional info. I've heard of some other users who have run into issues with Sharepoint and the file naming conventions, so you may want to review the suggestions in this thread or this one. Not that we can support or recommend changing file names in the published output - but have you tried renaming them? 

eric mongrain

These threads really do not help my problem is not the length of the file name it is the Characters used in the published file name if you look at the original post it is the section that has this {Width=896, Height=644}.  I tried to rename the png and the swf files back to the original names, but that just removed the images from the course.  is there somewhere else that I need to go and change the names of the files?

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