Imitate Drag and Drop to make shortcut

Apr 08, 2014

Hi I'm trying to imitate the action of dragging an icon onto the desk top to make a shortcut. I'm trying to do it in Quizmaker so the learner can drag the photo of the icon onto the photo of the deskop and then have the shortcut icon will appear after its dropped. I've got a drag and drop question set up in Quizmaker but I'm not sure if there is a way to make the shortcut icon appear without them clicking on a continue or submit button. Id like to have it as real as possible as if they were doing it real time. I already have a video but we want the learner to try and do the action during the course themselves.

Is there away of having an image come into the screen after the image as been dragged? Then I can make the the continue button into a Next Slide button, however I need that icon to come in before this and after the images has been dropped.

Or is there a way of doing it in Presenter 13? I'm open to other suggestions.


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