Import post-quiz review text?

I have a GIFT file of several hundred questions to import into Quizmaker. There is not feedback for each individual choice, only for the correct answer, which I'd like to put into the Post-Quiz Review field. The quiz is randomized, so the student would answer, for example, 50 random questions, submit the answers all at once, then be able to review the quiz showing feedback/explanation for the each correct answer. 

My question is: Is there a way to put the feedback in the GIFT file and import it along with the questions, or do I have to cut and paste each feedback response into the individual questions after I import them? If I can include it in the feedback, where does it go in relation to the question/correct answer and what is the syntax? Thank you.

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Kendra Kernen

Hi Ashley. Actually, I misspoke. I'm using the format described in the procedure for importing files in a text file. GIFT is a little more complicated and something I was experimenting with previously. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, in using the TXT file as described, my original question remains. The procedure for creating the text file doesn't mention anything about importing Post-Quiz Review text, so that is what I'm wondering about. I've been able to do the rest successfully, but would like to avoid have to still copy and paste that one line into each of the 100s of questions. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kendra,

Thanks for the clarification. There isn't an option to include the post quiz review text as a part of the import. The review slides are typically created automatically and as such, adding text onto them is an additional step for each individual question. It's certainly not the first time someone asked, so you may want to look at sending along the idea in the form of a feature request.