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Jone Jones

Hi Aman Katoch and Staff, what you can do is to import your xml quizz using the import template here: http://articulate-tutorials.s3.amazonaws.com/quizmaker13/import-templates/Import_Template.xls

Then Open Excel, go to Data Tab, choose "From Other Sources" Option.

Follow the instructions provided in the template file to populate your spreadsheet.

Then import it into QuizMaker. It works for me. 

Ali Goulet

Hey Thomas!

I'm not sure Jone is still subscribed here, as this thread is a bit older. You may want to reach out directly about that template by using the "Contact Me" feature in Jone's E-Learning Heroes Profile page. 

I'm happy to help figure out what's happening with your Quiz importing! I'm sorry you're running into that. I have a couple questions to help solve this:

  1. Are you following these directions for importing slides in Quizmaker?
  2. Are the files you're using saved locally on your computer (C:Drive or Desktop) or are you accessing them from a shared/network drive?

Let me know! ☺️