Importing existing Quizmaker 360 files - blank text


I've been working with Quizmaker360 and having an issue importing .quiz files into a master quiz set. I've used Quizmaker for many years and this is a first!

After import, the files show empty text. When I publish these files, the original text displays but only when hovering on the question.

I tried rebuilding the original "empty" files with the correct text and now the hover behaviour changes the text - its like the positions of each distractor are out of sequence with the "empty" slots.

I am working off a local drive at all times. However, I have to first download content off a SharePoint site to work with it. 

Is there a way to correctly import from another quiz file so the text is not empty. Please see attached, hope you can help. Thanks!



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Vincent Scoma

Hi Daire,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your file! 

After reviewing the file you provided, I am not showing the text next to the answer choices as well. How do the slides appear before transferring them into a new file? Do the answer choices remain on the slide? 

In case this helps, I wanted to share a resource that provides some workflows when working in a collaborative environment: 

Please keep us posted and let us know if you have any questions!