In Save & Send Package not including latest quizmaker file

Aug 19, 2014

Hi -- I have been trying to Save and Send a Package and the updated Quiz is not coming along for the ride. Actually when I look at the quiz file alone it is still dated earlier, even tho I made changes today. When I open ppt/Presenter to access the quiz, it IS updated. When I open the Quiz alone - it is the old one.

Thank you -- I hope this is something obvious I am just missing.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Diane!

First off, be sure that you are always working locally.

Have you moved your files around recently?

When you insert an Articulate Quizmaker quiz or Articulate Engage interaction into your Articulate Presenter course, a copy of the original *.quiz or *.intr file is stored within the course's *.ppta file. This means that if you ever lose the original quiz or interaction file, you'll still be able to edit and publish it in Presenter. Please review this article for more information.

Diane Lund

Hi Leslie -- after hours of monkeying around this 7 zip thing worked - so thank you for that!

Is this something that is an on-going thing? Because you know this business - changes are a daily thing and this isn't the first time this has happened to me. I am methodical in file management in terms of naming/filing etc. (C drive etc) The other times I ended up making the quiz a second time -- not good. Do you anticipate a fix for this, or is this 7-zip procedure just going to be part of a daily routine? When the Save and Send Package didn't even bring the latest files into the file - that was pretty discouraging. It does seem odd. The last 3 programs I have made have all had issue with this. I am actually trying to produce everything in one sitting to try and avoid this, but then the silly clients go and make changes, and yesterday/today a few changes cost me over 8 hours of 'trouble-shooting'.

Let me know your thoughts on this -- I'd appreciate that.

And again -- I really appreciate your follow-up -- in looking over a lot of these posts there are some issues bigger than this for you guys to deal with - but really any issue that involves work stoppage is a concern I guess.

Thanks again


Anne Clayton

I am having this same issue.  I opened a PPT Presenter file, made changes to the quizes by accessing them through the PPT file and now when I try to open the quizes through Quizmaker, they aren't updated.  I did change the name of two of the quizes (and now I can't locate those quizes in the file folder where the PPT is located, like it should be) and the other 4 quizes that I didn't change the name of are also not updated.

Please help.  Is the only fix to create an Articulate Package and then delete and add all quizes?

Anne Clayton

No, I had not moved the files recently.  But I haven't worked on those files for 7 months so I can't be sure what happened back then.  I am trying figure out how to fix this problem.  It would be nice if I the save as button were available (it's grayed out) when I opened the quiz from the PPT file so I could just save it into the same file folder.  But I figured out that I could send myself a copy, download it, open it in Quizmaker and then save it in the same file folder as the PPT file and then go into the PPT file, delete the quiz and then add it back in.  The only issue is that I have to do this for all 5 quizzes embedded in the presentation.  If you can think of an easier fix, please let me know.  Maybe it would be easier to create an Articulate Package and use the quizzes in that file to replace the quizzes in the presentation.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne, 

It's definitely a great idea to package your files as a way to keep them together while you're not working on them, and that way if you're storing in a network drive/shared server there won't be a worry about any syncing issues or movement of the files. 

It looks like you've also found another workaround that you can utilize so hopefully those work for you going forward. 

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