Incorrect Score displaying AFTER showing Correct Score


Weird thing happening here. 

We have a short course with a built in Quiz. The quiz has 5 multiple choice questions that are each 10 points. Passing score is 80%

If a user passes the quiz, they get the "You Passed!" Results screen. Then they click "Print Results", they type in their name, NOTHING happens when they click okay, and then they click Finish to go to the final slide of the course. 

Some users are confused by the Print Results not working so they are going BACK to the quiz either by clicking the back button at the bottom of the player or by clicking on the quiz in the course outline.

When they do this, the Print Results screen pops back up with a place for them to enter their name.

SO they do that. Click OKAY and then the screen no longer has the Review or Retry Quiz buttons or the Print button. It ONLY has the Submit button. SO they click SUBMIT and then the score CHANGES. It now shows their score out of 60 instead of 50. 

And then when you click the SUBMIT button, since its the only one there, NOTHING happens. 

No one can figure out what the heck is going on. And we're all stressing out since the client is freaking out. 


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Todd Miller

I'm observing the same behavior outlined above.  It requires some convoluted actions to get there, but when you have 20k people taking a course, some number of them find it and end up with recorded scores that are significantly lower than those earned.  Was there any resolution to this?  Thanks.

Todd Miller

I made a short video demonstrating the problem. 

If a user clicks "Print Results" and then clicks back to the assessment from the course menu, they arrive at Results screen with a Submit button.  Now, I'm not sure why anyone would do this, but it is happening with some regularity.  They are conditioned to click Submit.  So they do....  Notice that the "Your Score" percentage decreases and the "Passing Score" Points increases.  This is the score reported to the LMS.  I can provide course and quiz files if you'd like.