Inserting Quizmaker into Presenter as a web object

A few months ago, I built a course trying out lots of exciting articulate techniques posted by others, I'm hoping whoever shared this particular technique or someone else who's tried it can help me sort out a problem that's come to light. We've just got a new LMS (Saba) - this problem didn't occur in our previous LMS (Adobe Connect) - or at least no one complained of having this error and I didn't find it when I tested. I think it's an Articulate thing though, as I can find the option that seems to control the behaviour...


I have a course designed as an Excel workbook (see below) There is a quiz on the tab "Your Turn"

I've inserted the quizmaker file as a webobject so that I can place it within the "sheet" to help with the flow of the course. 

As these are self-check quizzes, I don't need to track the results, and I was really happy with this solution,

The Problem

When the learner completes the fourth and final question, the feedback popup has a finish button, and when they click it, the whole course closes. 

I went into the Fail Result and Pass Result options in Quizmaker, and in the bottom half of the dialog box, there are finish action options...

I realise that this is set to Close browser window, but I have no idea what URL I would enter in the Go to URL box if I chose that option.

Any ideas? If not, does anyone know of a way to either suppress the close browser window - no action is fine, there are hyperlinks all over the course so the learner wouldn't get stuck as it's set up to work as if you're working on your pc (ie the x in the top right takes you back to "My Documents") or alternatively a different way to get the quiz to only take up a specified area of the screen so I can still fit it into the "spreadsheet tab"?

I hope this makes sense...


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Laura Hickling

Sorry - I should have added that the results slide is not displayed... I reproduced the error in a simple two slide course in PPT... the finish button is in the "Correct" dialog box...

If I use the forward and back arrows I can navigate out of the course. But that's a temporary workaround in my view - I can't tell learner's to use the workaround on a permanent basis!

Joe Deegan

Is it possible to have it "Branch" to a different slide for an incorrect answer?  If you have the wrong answer branch to a different slide you might be able to avoid the finish button but I haven't tested so I'm not sure.  Something else to check is if you have it set in presenter so that it can be completed unlimited times.  I think if you have it set that way you can use settings in Presenter to have it bring them back to the quiz after clicking on the finish button.  Hope this helps.