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(I thought I posted this question earlier today and if so, I apologize for the duplicate posting...I don't see it anywhere so maybe I just didn't click on "post." .)

Is there any way in Quizmaker to change the identifier for ech question in a quiz?

A client asks if I can "title" each question with something pertinent to the question, rather than the "Question 1 of 10," "Question 2 of 10," etc. (It will make it easier to track responses in their LMS.)

See the image below for the area to which I'm referring.  I don't see any way to change it. 

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Jon DeMartino

Okay. This is odd. My client and I had made a list of settings they prefer fo quizzes after testing various options with their LMS. They just sent me the portion of the list we used to set up all the quizzes in each of four courses. I wrote my settings as we determined what they liked and what worked best for their LMS and then their LMS tech wrote what she had set at her end, so we both had a record. The image below is from MY portion of the document, which would seem to indicate I wrote it in but I can't see any such field now in Quizmaker. The part they want changed is what is sent to the LMS, which they highlghted. Does this look like text I would be able to see when setting attributes for Quizmaker and if so, where is it?  I know I wrote in the Reportng and Tracking settings and I know where those are found but the last two lines don't seem familiar.