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Hi all,

I have created a SCORM 2004_r3 package with 2 slides of text and a slide of a question with a field for input (Survey question-essay). I uploaded the content to Blackboard 9.1 (a tricky LMS to communicate with SCORM). Ran the content as a student, wrote something in the text field and clicked "Finish".

In the gradebook of the course I saw the attempt registered but the text inputed in the essay question was not transmitted. There is a field in the gradebook named "User Response" under the completed attempt where the text inputed should appear. It does not.

The log file that is generated from the SCORM completion in Blackboard shows:

Completion Status:completed
Interactions count:0
Learner Id:_1417_1
Learner Name:{lang=en}fred fred
Objectives count:0
Success Status:passed
Suspend Data:viewed=1,2,3|lastviewedslide=3|2#1##,7,7,11#0#a9f51196-55f5-4500-b5a3-dd9356649005=2119321010011~3148~2321111001010101010101010101101101011210101000101006passed~23687f1706b-3989-4729-bcf8-dbc6945c3a5806passed~210incomplete107neutral11107neutral11000~31200000000000~282~2421n11~234~220*gkhgkhkghksurtufgjh101n520205~232~22510~219gkhgkhkghksurtufgjh200~22031i0~212200200200200~232~226560000~216000000000000110000,#-1
Time Limit Action:continue,no message

Total Time:PT2M38.58S -->

The most important part is  "Interactions count:0". Blackboard support say that the SCORM package is not communicating the text inputed this there is a zero count.

Is this a problem in the creation of the package or a Blackboard problem?



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Justin Wilcox

I would encourage you to enable a debug log in the content to see exactly what we send and how we send it:

Once you have the debug log enabled you should be able to see exactly where we send the response and then let Blackboard know if they support that field or not.