Introduction screen reappears near end of a quiz

Very occasionally, I see the introduction or instruction screen repeat itself at the very end or nearly the very end of a Quizmaker quiz. I can't repeat the error by retaking the assessment. It appears only once in a while in a way that I cannot duplicate. Other developers I work with have noticed this effect, which one also agrees is a very rare occurrence.

Is there a bug in Quizmaker that causes this random repeat? Or is there some action I could take to ensure that a learner never sees this effect?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi John. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

That does sound strange. Being unable to recreate it may be an issue for pinpointing the issue, though. How are you viewing the quiz when this happens? I'm guessing you're viewing it after it's been uploaded, since you mentioned other developers have noticed this behavior.

I'm thinking it may be a caching issue, if the quiz is viewed multiple times before this starts happening. As a best practice it's a good idea to clear browser cache regularly. If you clear your cache and view the course, hopefully you won't see anything like the issue you described. However, it may be difficult to know when to expect this to happen, since it sounds pretty random. 

Am I wrong in guessing you're viewing published and uploaded content? If so, let me know!