Introduction Slide in a Quiz - Print result/certificate of Quiz

Hi all,

I use Articulate Studio '09 and I created a quiz that I uploaded in moodle 1.9.5. It works fine, but I need to add 2 more functionalities.

  1. I wuold like to create a introduction slide in a quiz created for me, in which I could explain how the quiz itself works but even some reminders (you can do this test only if you passed the first test).
  2. I need that, if the test is passed (percentage reached), the lerner can print the result (like a certificate). Do I need to manage it via moodle or can I do it within the quiz?

Thanks to all.


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Brian Batt

Hi Silvia,

For your first question, you can use blank slides:

In regards to your seconds question, you can set your quiz to allow the end-user to print the results of the quiz.  Then, you can hack the print results feature by using the method in the link below to create your certificate: