Invisible hotspots?

Jun 10, 2013

I need to use the Hotspot question for identification testing.  I read the information about using a multiple answer question and turning the answers into a multiple Hotspot type of environment.  However, the little box is present for the user to click on.  I need to be able to test the user's knowledge and have them find the Hotsposts themselves.  Is there a way to have the little box be invisible or is there an other way for this to happen?



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Mike Taylor

Hi Kelly and welcome to the community.  You can make them transparent like Jeanneatte does in this video: (at the 2:00 min mark )

You can also right-click on it and choose Format Shape to get to that same dialog box to change the transparency. 

Mike Taylor

Sorry Kelly. My mistake...the hotspot question in Quizmaker allows for only one hotspot, but one approach you might try is to use a multiple-response question to simulate multiple hotspots.

Here's a post that shows that:

K Train


I have created a multiple choice question that simultaes a hotspot situation.  However, the multiple response checkboxes show.  I need these boxes to be invisible so that the user doesn't know where the possible answers are.  Their task will be to find the answers/hotspots.  Does this make sense?


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